Monday Meal Plan (Week of September 3)

I love reading recipe blogs and perusing Pinterest for meal ideas–but the act of meal planning? Not so much. I know it can be hard to come up with (and stick to!) a menu for the week, so I wanted to share my weekly menus. My meal plans run Monday-Sunday.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve been enjoying the three-day weekend and are soaking up what remains of summer (no, it’s not officially over, even if I did buy Pumpkin Spice coffee and start putting up Halloween decorations).

After a wonderful vacation, it’s time to go back to reality tomorrow and get back to meal planning. I can probably use a few vegetables after this past week.

What I wish I were eating this week… the “Farby” from Morels Cafe in Louisville, KY. I was so stoked to visit this place! My husband was a good sport for indulging me in the few places I wanted to eat in Louisville.

Monday:  Labor Day! I picked up some smoked tofu to throw on the grill. I tried it last week with breakfast and it was delicious. I’m also making those Root Beer Baked Beans I posted about last week. (Side note: I FINALLY found the Beyond Meat Brats, but I already ate a pack over the weekend, ha. They live up to the hype!!)

Tuesday: This Tofu Feta by Connoisseurus Veg looks like it’ll be great in some Mediterranean-style bowls! I’ll probably marinate some tempeh in Shawarma marinade (we love this one!) and serve with quinoa, grilled squash, pickles, and lots of hummus.

Wednesday: I’ve got some butternut squash to use up. I’m not ready for soup, so I might just roast it and serve with some BBQ tempeh. Do you have any good butternut squash recipes?

Thursday: These Sheet Pan Tofu Tacos with Peach Kale Slaw by Hummusapien look amazing! I love an easy sheet pan meal!

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: While in Tennessee, we happened to drive by the Busch’s beans factory and store one day, so we of course had to stop. (Want to know how much I weigh in beans??) I picked up a couple of cans of their chili starter, which has beans and seasonings–you just add your “meat” and tomatoes. One of the sales staff was actually vegan, so she helped me find the products I could eat (sometimes animal products are hidden in “natural flavors”). I’m going to try it out and make some chili for chili dogs!

Sunday: Since we’ll probably have leftover chili, I’m going to pick up a couple of potatoes for chili-topped baked potatoes. (I got my groceries yesterday and they were out of lots of produce, including potatoes! Back to school/Labor Day rush?)

Hope you have a great week!

Tell me: What are you making this week?

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