Weekend Recap: Hiking, Flea Markets, and Outdoor Movie Night!

Hi! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I feel like it’s weird that I sometimes recap my weekends on Tuesdays, but since Monday’s posts are for meal plans, Tuesday it is. Plus, it always takes me a day to adjust and accept that the weekend is over ;).

This weekend was a fun one! Saturday we were busy the entire day, which is very unlike us (ha!). We made up for it on Sunday by watching the new season of Iron Fist. I already talked about but I loved this season and thought it was better than the first–so if you weren’t sold on the first season, give it a chance. Somehow Ward has become my favorite character–he’s the worst but the best.

Anyway! Let’s get back to Saturday. We started the day by heading out to a Halloween Garage Sale at a skate rink. There was so much good stuff! I only ended up buying a couple of pins and a couple of vintage pop-up books, but it was fun to look at everything.


From there, we stopped at a thrift store nearby. We found a few good shirts as well as some items for the porch Halloween display we’re working on. I’ll definitely post pics when we’re done…. hoping to have it up soon.

After shopping, we moved on to our next destination: Maybury State Park for a hike.

How creepy is this tree? It looks like eyes!

On our hike, we talked about how fun it would be to have a haunted hike. I love hiking in the woods, but it always creeps me out a bit, even during the day. Can you imagine going at night? We won’t do jump scares but just have people running around through the trees so that you see strange shapes and noises. Maybury actually used to be the site of a tuberculosis sanitorium from 1919 to 1969. It was eventually torn down and converted to the park. They still have the sign; I’ll have to grab a picture next time. It’s the perfect site for a haunted hike. Who’s in!? 😉

After our hike, we grabbed food and headed over to my sister-in-law’s house to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. He turned 11! I can’t believe it. It feels like he was just a toddler trying to steal sips of our Slurpees. To keep the party going, we had them over to watch a movie in our new backyard set up!!!

Don’t look at our grass, please.
We didn’t watch Spiderman 3, I just clicked on a movie to test the sound. Don’t worry.

I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time, and this year, we finally made it happen!! I’m so excited to watch movies in our backyard, especially with fall and Halloween approaching. I might do another post on our set up, if anyone is interested? We did this pretty cheaply.

We watched Little Shop of Horrors, which I’d actually never seen. I saw it live on a 7th grade trip to Washington D.C., but I’d never gotten around to seeing the movie.

It was fun, and I hope he had a good time!

Next morning, we woke up bright and early(ish) to head out to Greenmead Flea Market. They do the market twice a year, and I always think of it as the unofficial “beginning” and “end” to summer. (You can see what I found at the first one here.)

Flea market scores–can you tell we were born in the ’80s?

We’re pretty cheap when it comes to flea market shopping and mostly end up grabbing knick knacks and nostalgic items (AKA, things we don’t need). I was super stoked to find some more Halloween McNuggets to add to my collection. My husband got Super Mario World and a Mario toy and was happy to add another Earthworm Jim figure to his collection. I was excited about the Krumm figure (Aaahh! Real Monsters, anyone?), and we got that Bob’s Burgers Funko for $! There are also some window bobbleheads, a brass bat key holder, flying bat Halloween decoration, a couple of patches (really love the Michigan State Park Camper one), Barlow’s Guide to Extra-Terrestrials, some cassettes, and a Harley koozie.

It was cold and drizzly, so after we left the flea, we grabbed some coffees and headed home to sweatpants and the couch. It was the perfect balance of busy and relaxed all weekend.

Now we’re almost halfway through the week! How about that. Have a good one!

Tell me: How was your weekend? Do you like flea markets? Are you down for a haunted hike!?


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