Matt and Kim!

Happy Friday!!

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It’s been a pretty good week. The weather is finally starting to break, and on Wednesday night, a friend and I went to see Matt and Kim at Royal Oak Music Theatre.

Matt and Kim
The anticipation!

I’ve been a Matt and Kim fan for a while, but this was actually my first time seeing them play a headlining gig–and really my first time seeing a full set. They played Mo Pop Festival in Detroit a couple years back, but unfortunately, all of their equipment blew out about 3 songs in. Honestly, it was still one of the best performances I’ve attended–they kept the crowd’s energy up through their full set time, dancing and throwing blow-up sex dolls into the crowd (yes, you read that right).

Hanging in the Mo Pop VIP tent. I actually won free VIP tickets to the festival that year. It was AWESOME.

We started the night with dinner (of course) at Ale Mary’s Beer Hall. They’ve recently added a vegan menu, which is awesome. I finally got to try the Impossible Burger.

Impossible Burger and sea salt fries

I have to say, I kind of prefer the Beyond Burger. Their preparation and all of the toppings on the burger were good, but just comparing the two brands, Beyond tastes more like a real burger to me. I didn’t notice until we were leaving that they had vegan chili cheese fries on special, so that gives me a reason to go back real soon.

After eating, we headed to the show to catch the opener: Tokyo Police Club. I was super pumped because I’d never seen them live. I listened to their debut album a lot when it came out, but never really followed their newer stuff. Consider me back on the train, because they were great.

Tokyo Police Club

Followed by the main event!

Matt and Kim

If you’ve never been to a Matt and Kim show, you can expect LOTS of dancing, rap interludes, confetti, balloons, drumming with dildos, jokes, and a frickin’ great time (my crappy iPhone pics are proof). At one point, they made the crowd separate and then had everyone run into each other to meet in the middle. This is not a sit-down show.


We had so much fun. If you aren’t familiar with Matt and Kim, you can check them out on Spotify, or I highly recommend watching some of the vlogs on their YouTube channel. Not only do they put out good music, they’re also hilarious.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m seeing Kate Nash on Saturday and having brunch with my sister on Sunday, so it should be a good one.



Link Love (04/18/18)

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Hello! I’ve come across a few good articles on the web lately that I wanted to share. Hopefully these help you get through the rest of the week! Hope you’re having a good one.


I found this article on lunar phases and how to make the most of each phase really interesting!

I love Ash at the Middle Finger Project, and her one-hour rule for loving the sh*t out of your life offers a great perspective on living the life you want to live.

Don’t be an innocent bystander when it comes to your own life. You are very much in charge. Whether it feels like it or not, you really can do whatever you want with this next hour.

Has self care become an excuse to do the things that feel good in the moment but might hurt us later? “Is That Self-Care or Self-Sabotage?,” posted over at Yes and Yes, asks us to examine our behaviors and recognize that sometimes self care isn’t the easiest choice.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re considering a job change, GirlBoss is here with four steps to finding your career path when you have no idea where to start.

One writer’s personal journey to self love and pledge to self care.

Looking for ways to shake up your self-care routine? Here are six ways to practice self care that aren’t a face mask.


My mom sent me the recent Saturday Night Live leggings sketch and I was dying. My version of the couch panini = leggings, blanket, and cat.


I don’t normally get that excited about banana bread recipes, but this vegan-friendly Chai-Spiced Carrot Banana Bread by Hummusapien sounds incredible!

Got any links to share? Post them in the comments below!

Monday Meal Plan (Week of April 16)

I love reading recipe blogs and perusing Pinterest for meal ideas–but the act of meal planning? Not so much. I know it can be hard to come up with (and stick to!) a menu for the week, so I thought I’d share my weekly menus. I tend to shop on Mondays, so my meal plans run Monday-Sunday.

Hi all! My husband and I are starting P90X today (what year is it, 2011?). I’m not trying to lose weight necessarily, but I’ve developed some unhealthy habits lately and I’m hoping this can act as sort of a reset. I will maybe post more about the plan and what we’re doing if anyone is interested! After enjoying some treats this weekend (shown below), we spent yesterday shopping and meal prepping, and we’re ready for the week.

For breakfast everyday, I typically have a smooth with nondairy milk, banana, spinach, plant-based protein powder, and peanut butter powder. I’ll be sticking with that, as well as having oats for my morning snack.

I’m going to try and just prep a batch of lunches each week and eat the same thing. This week, it’s quinoa, sweet potatoes, and black bean bowls with a tahini-based Green Goddess dressing.

For dinners, here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: A repeat, but this Shawarma Tofu by The Essential Vegan was so good!

Tuesday: My husband and I last did P90X six years ago, and we kept a notebook of our meals, which was helpful this time around! We used to regularly make a Mexican Scramble, which was essentially an egg scramble with vegetables, chicken, and salsa. I’ll be making a tofu scramble with spinach, black beans, avocado, and salsa!

Wednesday: I’m going out to dinner and to a concert (Matt and Kim!) this night, so I’m just going to aim to do my best. I’m not aiming to be restrictive, just eat a bit cleaner.

Thursday: These Macro Bowls from The Full Helping sound perfect for this week.

I’m planning on making Fooduzzi‘s Warm Taco Bliss Salad.

Saturday: According to the weather forecast, it might actually be nice enough to grill (fingers crossed!). If so, I’m planning on having BBQ tofu with grilled squash and portobello and cherry tomato skewers. I’m also going to a concert this night, so I’m making sure my plan can accomodate a beer 😉 .

Sunday: Beyond Burgers again with homemade sweet potato fries baked in the air fryer. I like that I can use less oil! I made regular fries last weekend with only a teaspoon of oil and they turned out great. I’m also thinking of making these Quick and Easy Maple Baked Beans by Choosing Chia.

Tell me:
What are you making this week?

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Saturday Six: Swim

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

Hi friends! What are you up to this weekend? We were hoping to do some things outdoors, but it started raining and it’s not supposed to stop until Monday, so I guess we’ll have to see.

Until then, I’ve been window shopping swimsuits. We recently booked a vacation for this summer (YAY!), so it gives me a good excuse to buy a new suit. We’ll be renting a house in Tennessee with my family for a week. I can’t wait!

I’ve been wanting to do a swimsuit roundup, but I have to say, it was hard to find six suits I actually liked. A lot of them seem like they’re designed to be seen and not actually used (velvet? sequins? glitter and fringe?). I’m all for flashy, but I need something that can actually get wet! I also realized I gravitate toward black or plain colors (not really a surprise), so I tried to switch it up.

Here’s what I ended up with, but I’m still looking. Let me know in the comments where you like to shop for your swimwear!

I like the relaxed boho vibes of this one piece from Forever 21. Similar bottoms also available here.


I normally wear bikinis, but I really like this style of swimsuit. Tie-front one piece available from Urban Outfitters. They also have some striped bottoms that I like, available here.


The ska kid in me is drawn to this checkered one piece suit from Hot Topic.


More one pieces! My swim collection could use some tropical flair, like this Palm Print Swimsuit from ASOS.


Everyone should have a good red, white, and blue number on hand. I like the style of this Boohoo Cross Front Contrast Bikini available from ASOS.


For some reason, I’m into the metallic trend. I like this one piece option from Forever 21 and have also been eyeing this bikini top from Target.


Tell me: What style of swimsuit do you prefer? Where do you tend to shop for swimsuits? Do you have any vacations planned for the summer?

When being your best doesn’t feel like enough

Every Thing Will Be Fine art print by Wanker & Wanker on Society6

I started off this week feeling like I had tiger blood running through my veins. A great weekend set me up for a great week, and I went into Monday feeling motivated, determined, and confident. That good feeling carried me until yesterday morning, when I suddenly hit a wall.

I’m going to blame it partially on coming down with a cold, but I started to feel run down and irritable. Instead of focusing on all I could accomplish in a day, I had to focus just on making it through the day. We were supposed to go out last night, but I couldn’t muster up the energy to be social.

My definition of “best” is different at different times. Sometimes I can push through, and I’m better for it. Other times, though, I really just want sweatpants and ice cream. I need to accept those times and move on, without feeling guilt. The trouble can be knowing when to push yourself and when you’re at your limit. Being sick is an easy excuse, but there are other times when it’s not so clear what’s sapping your energy. It takes truly knowing yourself and being forgiving.

We strive to be the best versions of ourselves, but the goal sometimes seems insurmountable. The thing is, we can reach our best. We just need to recognize that “best” is a fluid notion, and it varies with circumstance. There’s nothing wrong with identifying and working toward what you define as your true best self, but also remember to be kind if your expectations fall short. Focus on being your best self based on the day, and take the time to recognize your achievements–whether that’s conquering the world or simply getting out of bed.

Here’s to being our best selves today–sweatpants included.

Tell me: What’s your comfort routine? What do you do to motivate you when you’re feeling “less than” your usual self?