Couch Life, vol. 4

We’re back for another edition of Couch Life! I actually started this post well over a month ago, but then we hit the month of season finales and weren’t binge watching as many shows. Most of these are old news by now, but I still wanted to post a round up. Enjoy!

Image via What’s on Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet, Season 2.  We watched the second season in its entirety on a lazy Saturday. I love this show, and I thought the second season was funnier than the first. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is that suburban real-a-tors Shelia and Joel Hammond (played by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, respectively) have their worlds rocked when Shelia becomes a zombie. Her previously submissive demeanor is now replaced by unstoppable confidence and energy–and a taste for human flesh. Joel tries his best to help support his wife’s new lifestyle, quickly becoming an accomplice while searching for a cure. It took me a while to warm up to Drew Barrymore’s character–nothing against Drew, but I wasn’t a fan of the sort of nonchalant flightiness epitomized by her character. I eventually warmed up to Shelia as events started to escalate. Plus I’ll watch anything with Timothy Olyphant, especially in a comedic role. Joel often tries to hold on to his simplistic worldview while rationalizing his wife’s actions, and his naive outlook is both charming and hilarious. The scene stealer though is the Hammond’s neighbor and daughter’s best friend, Eric Bemis, a nerdy kid who tries to do anything to impress their daughter Abby. Season two picks up right where the first one left off and continues to follow the Hammonds as they stumble through their new normal. Without giving too much away, we’re introduced to the existence of other undead and a Serbian conspiracy centered on a ball with legs. Notable guest stars include Thomas Lennon, Nathan Fillion, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Joel McHale. If you go watch it now, I promise to stop talking about it. If you are starting from the beginning, be warned–the first season features an epic puke scene, so probably don’t start it while you’re watching dinner.


Image via SyFy

Orphan Black, Season 6. It took us a while to get around to watching the final season of Orphan Black–I think I didn’t want to accept that the show was going to be finished. I don’t want to give any spoilers in case you’ve never seen it, but I’ll say that I was satisfied with how things ended up. It was a good season and a good finale–although I felt like they minimized Felix’s character over the last couple of seasons. If you’ve never seen Orphan Black, I highly recommend that you give it a watch. All of the seasons are available on Amazon Prime. The series starts off with Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, witnessing a woman who looks exactly like her stepping in front of a train. Sarah later discovers she’s actually a clone. Maslany plays all of the clones, and she is phenomenal. Even six seasons in, I still had to stop sometimes and remind myself that all of the “seestras” were played by the same person. I think of them all as distinct and separate characters. We even named one of our cat’s after one of them! (Helena.)


Image via Den of Geek

Mom and Dad. I went into this movie with low expectations and they were wildly exceeded. From one of the minds that brought you Crank and Gamer, this horror flick probably isn’t for everyone. The basic premise is that a phenomena with an unknown cause suddenly causes parents to flip and develop an overwhelming urge to murder their children. They only target their own children, leaving everyone else alone. There’s a particularly dark scene, so if the concept doesn’t sound of interest to you, I’d skip it. It wasn’t super gory, which I always appreciate. I thought it was well paced and good at building suspense. I’d also classify it as a dark comedy. Nic Cage delivers with his trademark overacting. All in all, it was a fun, creepy watch.


Image via Road to VR

BONUS: Ready Player One. 

I started this post so long ago, right after we saw Ready Player One. Still, it’s worth mentioning. If for some reason you missed this in theaters, be sure to check it out once it’s released for rental in July. My husband and I had both read the book and weren’t sure if the movie would live up to our expectations. I quickly realized I needed to just separate the two and enjoy the movie for what it was. Quite a bit was changed,  but that’s OK. It was extremely entertaining (I mean, it’s Spielberg–what do you expect?). If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll love the references strewn throughout. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend it. If you have, let go of your expectations and let yourself be entertained. I read an interesting article about how the author, Ernest Cline, actually started on the screenplay before the book was even released, so many of the changes were intentional–he recognized that it’d be difficult to capture everything in the book on film, and there weren’t yet fans of the book to have any accountability to the original story. That made me feel better about the changes, too–I was hoping he was on board with everything and that it wasn’t altered against his will or vision. Check it out!



Tell me: What have you been watching lately?

Couch Life, vol. 3

We’re back for another edition of Couch Life! We finally bought that new sofa (a recliner!), so we’ve been living the good life. Here are a few of the things we’ve watched this month:

Jessica Jones // image via Netflix

Jessica Jones, Season 2.  Jessica Jones was my favorite original series in Netflix’s foray into the Marvel universe. It’s been over two years since season one aired, so I was more than ready for season two. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite feel that it was worth the wait. Jessica is still my favorite character, and I enjoyed parts of the storyline, but too much emphasis on supporting characters had me losing interest. I didn’t feel invested until episode seven, and after a few strong episodes, things trailed off again. The absence of Kilgrave was also strongly felt–he was such an excellent antagonist in season one. It’s definitely worth watching if you enjoy the Marvel shows, and I’ll keep watching future seasons, but it just all fell a bit short for me (and this is coming from someone who liked Iron Fist!). I will say I love Krysten Ritter and I think she does a great job as Jessica; I also really like Jeryn Hogarth as a character. It’s still pretty fresh in my mind, so I wonder if I’ll grow more appreciative after some time passes, or if I watch it again. Sometimes my expectations are too high, so once I know what to expect, I can enjoy it more. I’d be curious to get your thoughts!

Recommended if you like: Any of the original Marvel shows on Netflix, Veronica Mars, Powers.


Mute // image via Metro UK

Mute. If you’ve been waiting to see Alexander Skarsgard play a mute Amish bartender in a neon, high-tech future, then Mute is the movie for you! My aunt warned me not to bother with this movie, and I kind of wish I listened. The story was slow and mostly uninteresting. Skarsgard, who became mute after a childhood accident, tries to maintain a simple life in the big city. After his girlfriend goes missing, he tries to find her. This puts him in the path of Paul Rudd’s character Cactus Bill, a black market surgeon who does jobs for the mob. The movie had its moments, but I didn’t feel very attached to the characters and wasn’t particularly fond of staying in the seedy underworld the characters lived in. It’s supposed to be set in the same world as Moon, which was made by the same director, and there is a brief nod to the film by way of a cameo. It had sort of an Altered Carbon feel, but not as good. Highlights did include Rudd’s portrayal of the villian, an unusual role for him. He (unsurprisingly) has most of the movie’s oneliners, and you can’t help but laugh even when feeling such disdain for his character. Another point of interest was food delivery drones that can bring takeout right to your location–when will this be a thing? If you like the cast and have nothing else to watch, you might enjoy it, but overall, I’d pass.

Recommended if you like:
Any of the cast (Skarsgard, Rudd, Justin Theroux) enough to follow anything they do, 6’4″ mute Amish bartenders


Bajie (Nick Frost) and Sunny (Daniel Wu) // image via SyFy

Into the Badlands, Season 2. I enjoyed the first season of Into the Badlands enough to keep watching it, but season two, which just dropped on Netflix, cemented it as a favorite. Into the Badlands takes viewers into a post-war dystopian future where civilization has regressed into a feudal system. Barons run the show and are supported by clippers (soldiers), cogs (slaves), and dolls (sex workers). Each baron has assets backing their power, such as oil or poppy fields. The show focuses on Sunny, a skilled and favored clipper whose lapse in loyalty forces him down a new path. Season one felt a bit over the top, but the exaggerated violence and character dynamics are leveled out in season two by the introduction of new locales and new faces, particularly Nick Frost. I’d be lying if I said Frost’s character didn’t greatly contribute to my love of season two–he’s excellent. While season one only had six episodes, season two had ten, and season three (which starts April 22) was granted a run of sixteen. If this season was any indication, things are going to just keep getting better, so hop on the train now if you’ve missed out.

Recommended if you like:
Kung fu, ridiculous fight scenes, Nick Frost, female assassins, stories about a dystopian future or feudal warfare


Tomb Raider // image via Facebook

BONUS: Tomb Raider. We left our couch on Saturday to go see the new Tomb Raider movie. (We went to a theater that had recliner chairs, of course.) I actually really liked it! I thought Vikander was great. I admit I haven’t seen many of her movies, even though Ex Machina has been on our list for a while. I don’t think it’s done that well so far, but I was entertained, and that’s all I’m really looking for most of the time. I haven’t played the games so I can’t really speak to that, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen the Angelina Jolie versions to compare. For a video game movie–which tend to be notoriously bad–I enjoyed it!

Recommended if you like: Alicia Vikander, the Tomb Raider franchise, female protagonists, general female badass-ery

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Couch Life, vol. 2

We’re back for another edition of Couch Life! Last week, it hit 60s in Michigan and ended in a snow storm. Pretty typical. Even though we’re shopping for a new sofa, we’re still giving our current one lots of love.

Here are a few shows we’ve enjoyed recently:

Archer Dreamland // image via Daily Express

Archer: Dreamland (Season 8).  I felt like I’d been waiting forever for the eighth season of Archer to finally hit a streaming service. It ended up being worth the wait–this season was one of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed how Adam Reed has been playing around with different genres after dismantling the show’s core premise at the start of season five. If you’ve never seen Archer, it’s essentially a James Bond parody, with (somewhat) sophisticated humor and deeply layered storytelling. Jokes are frequently repeated throughout the series, so it’s worth watching in order. Season 8 takes a noir spin, dropping the characters into Los Angeles in the 1940s. Archer is a private investigator trying to solve the murder of his partner. If you’re looking for a laugh and aren’t easily offended, give Archer a try.

Recommended if you like: James Bond, spy/detective/noir genres, puns, anything Adam Reed has done


The Last Kingdom // image via Winter is Coming

The Last Kingdom, Season 2. I’d say it’s not our typical fare, but every now and then we enjoy a bit of historical fiction, especially if vikings are involved. The Last Kingdom tells the story of Uhtred (son of Uhtred), a Saxxon raised by Danes. At a young age, he was taken captive by Earl Ragnar during a Viking raid on his home. His father, a lord, is killed, and his uncle takes over the lands. Uhtred wins Ragnar’s favor and is raised as one of his own. The show is based on a book series, although I haven’t read it. I admit I enjoyed the first season overall but found it somewhat lacking. Season two, which was picked up by Netflix, was even better than the first and solidified the show as a favorite. It has been picked up for a third season.

Recommended if you like:
Vikings, vikings, constantly trying to figure out the borders of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms against modern day maps, Game of Thrones


Broadchurch Season 3 // image via ITV

Broadchurch, Season 3. We’d put off watching season three of Broadchurch, knowing it was the end of the series (and it’s not exactly uplifting). Even though the third season heads in a bit of a different direction than the first two, it did not disappoint. If you’re not familiar with Broadchurch, it focuses on two detectives in a small coastal English town. In season one, the town is rocked by the death of local boy Danny Latimer. Season three finds the detectives–played by David Tennant and Oliva Colman–investigating a sexual assault. Each season is heart-wrenching, but I found season three particularly difficult to watch as it explores the trauma and stigma surrounding rape. When crime shows focus on solving murders, there’s a bit of detachment from the victim’s experience, but with a survivor story, you see the long-term impact on the victim’s life. Broadchurch does a great job of building suspense and keeping you guessing, but it’s the relationship between Tennant, a hardened and haunted big-city detective, and Colman, a sharp but kind-hearted local who still wants to believe there is good in people, that really makes the show. Have I convinced you yet? Go watch it.

Recommended if you like:
David Tennant, British procedurals, pretending you’re a detective, feeling depressed


Doctor Who // image via Cultbox

Doctor Who. It took a while, but we are finally completely caught up on Doctor Who (well, the revival, at least). I don’t know why but we’d been fighting getting into it–maybe because there were so many seasons to catch up on. Well, the longer we waited, the more we missed out. Consider us Whovians for life. If by some off-chance you haven’t seen the show, block off your calendars for the next few months and get to work.

Recommended if you like: Time travel, sci-fi, bow ties, any British actor (because I guarantee they’ve been on at least one episode)

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What have you been watching lately?

Saturday Six: Thank You for Being a Friend!

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

I think I mentioned last week that my husband and I have been rewatching Golden Girls. I’ve seen episodes in the past but never really watched it all the way through. Let me tell you–the show is still funny. It definitely holds up (although some of the references are lost on me, and others are a bit non-PC).

We’ve of course had the conversation around which Golden Girl we’re most like. I wish I were more like a Dorothy or even Sophia, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m a Rose. This Buzzfeed quiz confirms it.

The other day I saw an article about Golden Girls-inspired hot sauces, and that sent me down the rabbit hole of related finds. It was hard to limit to just six, but here they are!

Pack of four Golden Girls hot sauces
The aforementioned hot sauce. Who wouldn’t want to offer someone “Hot Slut”? The full set is on sale now at Always Fits.


Golden Girls Granny Panties
I’ve been obsessing over Harebrained’s Period Panties line for a while but haven’t yet purchased. After I saw these pop up in my email yesterday, I think it’s finally time to pick up a few pairs! Now available at


Thank you for being a friend tote bag
It’s not quite Sophia’s purse, but you still need something to carry with you at all times–why not this tote? From GoodandEvilCreations on Etsy.


dorothy and rose lapel pins
The OGs. Wear your love for the show on your sleeve (chest, back, hat, whatever) with this pin set from Amy Blue Illustration.



Shady Pines Retirement Home key tag
If you can’t yet retire to south Florida, you can at least channel a little bit of those Miami vibes with this Shady Pines Retirement Home key tag from Towne9 on Etsy.


Golden Girls Clue board game
Who ate the last slice of cheesecake!? Have your girls over and figure it out with this Golden Girls-themed Clue set. You can even play as Sophia’s purse! Also available at Always Fits.

I wanted to include some shirts, but there were just too many to choose from. I liked this classic “Stay Golden” tee from Kohls (only $7.99!), but everyone seems to have a Golden Girls-inspired shirt for sale. With just some quick searching, you’re sure to find something to suit your style (WalMart’s is especially ridiculous).

Thanks for reading, and above all, thank you for being a friend!


Tell me:
Which Golden Girl are you? Have any related merch links to share? What’s your favorite nostalgic show?