Saturday Six: GLOW

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

I mentioned it in my last post, but I am a bit obsessed with the Netflix show GLOW.

Image via Proof in the Picture

If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading this and go do so right now. Not because I’m going to spoil anything, but because it’s so dang good. It’s funny and smart, and watching the women throw each other around the ring and make a space for themselves in a male-dominated industry makes me feel both empowered and left with the urge to wear spandex and glitter.

Season 2  was delightful and the show just received 10 Emmy nominations, so this Saturday Six is an ode to GLOW–spandex included.

Reebok and Netflix collaborated on this GLOW-inspired high tops, available here. Also in rose gold.


I love the mix of prints on this Adidas Originals sports bra. The back view features a palm leaf design. You can never have too many patterns (in the 80s, at least). Available at ASOS.


Speaking of patterns, these leopard-print leggings are perfect for hitting the ring or going out with your girls. Available at ASOS. As an alternate option, I also really like these Adidas palm-print ones.


If you look good, you feel good–and this glitter crop top will help you feel fine while throwing your partner to the mat. Available at ASOS.


Can’t forget about training! Jog it out in this 80s World Gym tank, available from Heavy Soul Vintage on Etsy. This Puma shirt is also similar to one worn by Yo-Yo in Season 2!


And finally, the main event–match night calls for extra flair! Take the crown in this sequin leotard from ASOS.


Tell me: Do you like GLOW? What are your favorite Netflix originals? What’s your favorite ’80s fashion trend?



Hi! I thought it’d be fun to do one of those “Currently”-type posts to share what I’ve been up to lately.

Image via Netflix

Watching: We just finished GLOW season 2. It’s becoming one of my favorite shows, ever. Maybe I’ll try to do another Couch Life post soon and go more in depth, but I LOVE this show and loved season 2! I might have even liked it more than the first season. We also finished our run of watching the Golden Girls, so now we have to find something else to watch. Any suggestions??

Reading: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I really want to see the documentary that just came out based on this book. I also just started the audiobook version of Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. I’m really bad at making time to read during the week, but usually read more during the summer thanks to frequent trips to the beach!

Listening to: I’m obsessed with Lizzo’s new banger “Boys.” I’m also loving the new Chromeo album Head over Heels. Both are perfect for summer! Sometimes you’ve just got to dance it out. I also love podcasts but download more than I have time to listen to–I’m planning to do a roundup of some of my favorites soon.

Eating: All the tacos. I covered it in my Monday meal plan, but I pretty much ate tacos (or some variant of) every night this week. What can I say–they’re the perfect food.

Excited about: We’ve got a few more trips coming up this summer, and I can’t wait! Summer is a really busy time for us, but it’s also a fun time. I tend to pack things in, but summer goes by so fast–I want to make the most of it. Once the weather cools, we tend to not leave the house much, so we’re trying to get out and about as much as possible.

Learning about: Tarot. I bought a vintage set of tarot cards a little while back and have been doing a daily card draw to learn more about it. Biddy Tarot has been a fantastic resource, and I’ve also been using an iPhone app called Golden Thread Tarot. It’s been really interesting, and the cards I’m drawing are always crazy accurate!

Searching for: An enamel mug. I’d love one for camping, but I’m having a hard time finding a good one. I’m thinking about buying this one from Stay Home Club, but it’s kind of pricey for a mug (maybe they all are?). Any recommendations?

Tell me: What have you been up to lately? Feel free to answer these prompts in the comments! I also found this post really helpful: “102 Verbs to Use for Currently Blog Posts.”