Saturday Six: Thrifted

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. All items are linked in the caption. Some links may be referral/curator links.

Hello and happy weekend! Is it just me, or do the short weeks somehow always feel the longest? Oh well–we made it, and I’m proud of us.

We’re planning to do some thrifting this weekend–we’re going to a Halloween rummage sale event today and our favorite flea market tomorrow (you can see what I bought last time here!). Since I decided to extend that to this week’s Saturday Six and do a roundup of some recent vintage tee finds on Etsy.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! I would freak out if I found this Highlander shirt at the thrift. Available from VintageRockNRollShop on Etsy.


I stumbled upon this while trying to find a vintage Elvira tee. Those are all ridiculously expensive, but this one is cool (and more affordable!). Available from sideburns on Etsy.


I just finally purchased the Tales from the Crypt box set, and I can’t wait to binge watch them all this fall! Tee available from robineggsurprise on Etsy.


How cute is this Pilsbury Doughboy tee!? Available from TickiesTreasures on Etsy.


Love this rad ’80s skateboarding tee! THRASHIN. Available from ElevatedWeirdo.


Everyone needs at least one vintage ringer tee in their closet. I like this “Beach Bash ’85” one! Available from TCWonline on Etsy.


PS: Did you know my husband and I sell vintage clothing? We’re working on getting our shop revamped and have an event coming up later this month. Check us out at Sofa King Awesome Vintage.


Tell me: Do you like thrifting? Do you ever go to flea markets?

Saturday Six: Ice Cream Dreams

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. These posts are not sponsored, but some links may be referral/curator links. Links on where to purchase are always included in the captions!

Ice Cream Castle in the sky…

Hey friends! I thought I’d do one more summery Saturday Six before diving headfirst into Halloween. 🙂

I’ve got ice cream on the brain. The above image doesn’t really have anything to do with this post other than the fact that I love Morris Day and The Time and it’s a great album. Maybe listen to it and eat ice cream? Or check out this week’s picks!

This ice cream cone pin from Wildflower Co looks like a great addition to my denim jacket.


I saw this cute little pencil pouch at Target the other day and had to fight the urge to buy it. I can find a use for it, right? I also love these pens!


Speaking of Target, did you know they did a collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream on a children’s clothing line? Why oh why couldn’t it be adult sized? I love everything! I think the closest I can get to purchasing is with these sprinkles and gummy bear socks.


Speaking of cute, I love this ice cream tee and leggings pajama set from ASOS!


I love this ice cream printed blouse from ModCloth! It’d be perfect for work!


These are out of my price range, but I can still dream. Rommy de Bommy makes the most amazing food-themed purses and jewelry, like this ice cream cone handbag. Check out her Etsy shop here!


I hope you’re eating some ice cream this weekend!

Tell me: Do you prefer hard or soft serve? Chocolate or vanilla? Sprinkles or nuts?

Saturday Six: MAMA

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

Hey-o! In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d do a little round-up of “Mom”-themed items. Hope that no matter what you’re doing tomorrow, you have a good one!

My mom definitely earned this mug. Design by Allyson Johnson on Society6.


Dang it! I found this card too late! Mom, pretend this is for you. Card from Perks of Aurora on Etsy.


A gift for any of the new moms in your life (or really, anyone over 30). “I’m So Tired” glitter shirt from Hello Apparel.


Don’t forget the cat moms! (Dogs too.) Celebrate them with this cute little sticker from Resilient on Society6.


Honestly, I just thought this shirt was funny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Design by Dafne on Society6.


MAMA! Ooooo-oooooo…. Freddie Mercury card by Greet Yo Self on Etsy.


Tell me:
What are your weekend plans? Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?

Saturday Six: Alien

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

In honor of Alien day this past week (April 26), I thought I’d put together a list of Alien- or extraterrestial-themed items.

Not movie related, but I love this retro-style print! “They’re Coming” by Daniela Ruiz de E on Society6.


I need this Ripley and Jonesy pin! By WeirdoWeapons on Etsy.


Another absolute need: this amazing Extrapurrestrial mug by stupidanimals on Society6. Her other designs are awesome, too!


Show your subtle love for the Alien series with these Nostromo and Weyland-Yutani patches by PegasusLV on Etsy.


This custom chestburster Lego minifig set is just too good (and affordable!). By TheBlockingDead on Etsy.


If I found this at the thrift store, I would LOSE MY MIND. Vintage Alien tee for sale by keeperswinnipeg on Etsy.

Hope your weekend is out of this world! (I couldn’t help myself.)

Tell me: Do you believe??

Local Love: Key Designs

Every now and then, I’ll feature a local business I admire. This post is not sponsored; it’s just me sharing something I truly love!

My sister is an extremely talented graphic designer, and she just relaunched her Etsy shop, Key Designs.


She has a number of beautiful invitations for weddings, showers, and more, and she also does custom designs! The best part is she sells the digital download, so it’s a really affordable way to get invites. She did all of the designs for my wedding (thanks sis!!), and I used Vistaprint to get everything printed. They have sales all of the time, so keep an eye out! We saved a lot of money that way (when you think about having to get save the dates, wedding invites, shower thank you cards, and wedding thank you cards, it really adds up!).

When I got married, we had a loose rock and roll/music festival theme, and I wanted our save the dates to showcase this. I thought it’d be fun to announce the wedding by channeling the classic concert posters of the seventies. I sent my sister some posters for inspiration, and she created the PERFECT save the dates for us, down to the cat detail.

Now that I’m looking back, I think I need to get this printed as an actual poster and hang it on the wall! She also created this cute chalkboard sign for the wedding shower, which I do in fact now have hanging in our bedroom.

You can see a sampling of her designs below, but make sure to check out her shop to view more! She’s super creative, so if you have a specific idea that’s not available, I know she’ll come up with something great.


Click here to visit Key Designs on Etsy!

Tell me: If you’re married, what did your Save the Dates look like? Do you have an Etsy shop?