Saturday Six: Always on Vacation

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. These posts are not sponsored, but some links may be referral/curator links. Links on where to purchase are always included in the captions!

I just got back from a week in the Smoky Mountains with my family, and I have to admit that I’m a bit bummed to be home. I was happy to see our cats, but I’m definitely missing waking up to the mountains every morning and seeing my family every day (especially my baby niece!).

To keep the vacation vibes going, I’ve collected some travel-related items for this week’s Saturday Six. It might be Labor Day weekend, but we’ve still officially got 3 more weeks of summer–let’s try to fit in one more big hurrah!

First things first: if you’re going on a trip, you need something to put your stuff in. If you’re a reasonable packer (so, not like me), this cute duffel bag by should do the trick! Buy it here (plus, everything is 25% off this weekend!).


If you’re going on a road trip, you’re going to need the essentials: coffee. Fill up and head out with this cute mug from, available here!


Hello fellow children of the ’80s/’90s–remember Caboodles!? They’re back! Looks like the perfect way to pack all of your toiletries. Available from ModCloth!


Having trouble adjusting to reality? (*Raises hand*) Keep the vacation vibes going with the “Permanent Vacation” tee from Available here!


Real talk: I love fanny packs. I have three and they are great for trips and other events where you don’t want to lug a bag around. I encourage you to check out your local thrift shop, but if you’re looking to buy new, I like this pink pack from Herschel. Available from ASOS; they also have a cheaper plain black pack here.


I love this travel amenity kit from Herschel! Feel at home with a travel pillow, sleep mask, ear plugs, and slippers, all in my favorite cozy color (gray!). Such a good idea, and affordable at $30! Available from Urban Outfitters.


Tell me: Do you have any travel plans coming up? What are your travel essentials?

Saturday Six: Pinhead

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

Hi friends! What does everyone have going on this weekend? We’ve got some family stuff to do, but I’m also hoping to spend some time in our inflatable pool–it’s supposed to be in the 90s all weekend! We also finally started watching Sherlock (I know), so we’ll probably make some progress on that, although I’m having trouble staying up late enough to make it through an episode. I have been so tired this week! Hoping tomorrow I can sleep in and reset. I always want to catch up on sleep on the weekends, but then there’s also so much I want to try and do, that I end up waking up way too early (like right now).

For this week’s Saturday Six, I wanted to do a pin round-up. I love collecting pins (and subsequently, vests and denim jackets). It was hard to narrow it down, but here’s a few I’ve had my eye on lately!

I’m also going to apologize in advance, because I’m already getting excited for Halloween, so you can expect quite a few spooky Saturday Sixes coming your way soon. Actually, you know what? I’m not going to apologize. Let’s get weird!


How I feel about most things. “Meh” pin by Memento Mori Goods on Etsy.


I’ve had my eye on the “Cats Rule Everything Around Me” pins by Jenni’s Prints for a while, and now they’re on sale! I’ll have to get one of each, as we have a black cat and a white cat!


I mean… it’s PAUL HOLES! Another pin by Jenni’s Prints, plus 50% of proceeds go to End the Backlog!


I love Totoro, but the ’90s child in me is especially obsessed with this Totoro-themed Tamagotchi pin! I loved those and Giga Pets. Ah, back to the days when my biggest responsibility was remembering to clean up Tamagotchi poo. My Neighbor Totoro pin by OozyRanger on Etsy.


Proud to be a member of the Losers Club? Wear it on your sleeve (or your hat, or your label, etc.). Hopefully no killer clowns take interest. The Losers Club enamel pin by MolassesWave on Etsy.


In case you need a reminder (we all do sometimes). Let’s promise to each other to have no more bad days! We can do it. No Bad Days pin by

Tell me: Do you collect pins? What’s your favorite shop?

Saturday Six: Things I’m Loving Lately!

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! This week I wanted to share six things I’m loving lately.

I bought this tea at Trader Joe’s the other day, and it is DELIGHTFUL! It’s a mix of hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, peppermint, orange peel, lemon verbena, and wild cherry bark. The cherry flavor really comes through and is what sold me on trying this tea. It almost reminds me of fruit punch. It’s great for an after-lunch treat when you’re trying to avoid that  sugar crash. Highly recommend! (Image via Trader Joe’s)


Call it my guilty pleasure, but I’m really into the song “Generous” by Olivia Holt. Listen on Spotify here.


I’ve been wanting to try Herbivore’s products, but they can be a little pricey. I was thrilled to find the True Blue duo, which gives you smaller sizes of the Blue Tansy mask and Lapis facial oil, for only $29. Individually, the items run $48 and $72, respectively! You only need to use a little bit of each item, so the sizes are large enough to last for some time. I haven’t noticed any improvements in acne with this mask, but my skin does feel really soft and smooth after using. At first I thought the scent was a little weird, but I’ve come to like it. This was also my first foray into using a facial oil, but it feels kind of luxurious to put it on after the mask. You can find the duo on Sephora or on the Herbivore site.


Is anyone else watching Good Girls on NBC? I am LOVING it! (Image via Variety)


I love Kate Nash and have really been enjoying her new album, Yesterday Was Forever. I just bought a ticket to see her in a couple weeks, so I’m stoked! Listen to the new album on Spotify here. If you’ve never listened to her, I recommend checking out her first album, Made of Bricks, as well.


I bought a planner a few months back and it was definitely a worthy purchase. It’s filled with cute little notes and illustrations and helps me manage my time. Unfortunately, it looks like all of the planners on their site are sold out! They’re planning a restock with new designs, so keep an eye on it.


Tell me: What are you loving lately? Songs, albums, tv shows, skin care–tell me all about it!