Aura Aura Detroit

Aura Aura portrait

A few weeks ago, my sister and I went to get our aura portraits taken at Aura Aura in Detroit.

They are set up as an installation at Grey Area Detroit on the Southwest side. When we walked in, we were greeted by Aura Aura’s proprietor, Eileen, who took our portraits and did our readings. She told us to take a few minutes to relax and get oriented with the space, which I was grateful for, as we were a couple minutes late.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also run a small vintage shop in the space, so we browsed t-shirts and records and then went to take our photos.

The studio itself is a small, igloo-shaped dome. Eileen had me place my hands on two square devices and then took the photo. My sister and I did ours individually, but you can also do couples portraits.

Aura Aura (grabbed from their website)

We browsed the shop again for a few more minutes while we waited for our photos to develop, and then we sat down for our reading.

Eileen walked us each through our photo and explained what the colors meant. This was our first time getting a formal reading, so she was incredibly helpful in describing the different energies.

I should’ve taken notes on mine, but I’ll try to recapture best I can!

Eileen explained that the energy flows from left to right (right to left if looking at the photo), so the colors on the left represent energy coming in, while the colors on the right show the energy flowing out.


She talked about my energy flowing in being focused on growth and evolution, and energy flowing out–how I’m perceived by others–showing leadership, responsibility, and dependability. She also talked about creative energy and my setting an example or being a source of inspiration for others. She noted that my chakras were open and that I was giving and receiving positive energy.

Her reading felt accurate and validating. I’ve had some recent changes in my professional life that I felt good about with this reading. It also helped me see that things I’ve been focusing and working on in my personal life have been gaining traction. I realized how much progress I’ve been making, and that felt good. I’ve been working a lot on myself this year–not just through writing this blog, but in focusing on positive thinking, getting into the vortex, and even law of attraction. It can feel like a slog sometimes, but things have been clicking into place, and I know I need to keep moving forward. This reading made me feel like I am indeed on the right track.

Auras change from day to day, but I’m happy I was able to capture such a positive reflection of the year. It’d be interesting to see how my portrait compares in the winter months, when I’m typically feeling less motivated and more inclined to turn inward.

If you’re interested in aura readings, I’d highly recommend setting up a session at Aura Aura! It’s $40 for a session, and you can book in advance on their website. The process itself was fairly short but informative, and you get to keep your photo, as well as a card describing both the colors and how to interpret your aura. They typically open up spots a week in advance, so keep an eye out.

Tell me: Have you ever had your aura read?


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