Saturday Six: Back to Basic

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

The title of this post probably makes it seem like I’m going to talk about wardrobe basics or maybe some household essentials.

Nope. We’re talking about avocado toast .

Hey, I’m traveling and I needed to pull something together quickly. Also, avocado toast is delicious, and if you make it at home, you won’t go broke.

So here you go–an avocado-toast recipe round-up!

Let’s start with the classic: Vegan Avocado Toast by Minimalist Baker


This Quick and Easy Avocado Toast by The Glowing Fridge adds greens, cucumber, and hemp seeds for that extra oomph.


I’ve subbed in everything bagels for bread and can vouch for its deliciousness with avocado. This round-up from The Kitchn makes use of Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Salt in this inspired spin on avocado toast.


Looking to switch things up? How about this Smashed Mexican Beans Avocado Toast from Cotter Crunch?


This California-Style Smoky-Sweet Tofu Avocado Toast by Healthy Happy Life works as breakfast or lunch!


If you somehow get tired of avocado toast (but really, how could you?), there’s always this Avocado Toast Salad from Kale & Caramel.


Happy avocado-toast eating!

Tell me: Do you like avocado?

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