Let’s go to the mall…

I’m not really a big shopper. I guess I should clarify that point–I’m not really a big mall shopper. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t have an Amazon package showing up. I love going to thrift stores and digging through the racks, and I make up excuses to go to Target (oh, we’re out of soap? I might as well peruse the clearance racks…).

I typically avoid the mall, though. Gone are the days when my husband and I would go wander the mall just for something to do. Now it seems like the only time we go is when I order something online and do a store pick up, ha. There’s one exception: OUTLET MALLS.

We love outlet malls. Maybe it relates back to our love of thrift shopping. Something about finding a good deal is just so satisfying.

We hit up the outlet mall over Memorial Day weekend, and I thought I’d share some of my buys.

I finally bought a swimsuit! It’s so awkward trying on swimsuits in stores. I had to go on a little faith that it would look better at home (it did). I really like the color and retro vibe. Suit is available at Zumiez.
I have a bad habit of buying clothes out of season. It was nearly 90 degrees the day we went to the outlet mall, so of course we picked up some new pants and jackets. That said, this Levi’s hooded jacket/sweatshirt combo is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on–and it was 40% off!
Another Levi’s buy. I’m pretty sure this is the first pair of pre-ripped jeans I’ve ever bought. I normally wouldn’t go for the style, but these were freakin’ $9 and fit like a dream.
And yet Levi’s store find. I don’t normally buy vintage repro styles (I’d rather try to find the real thing), but the glitter text and retro feel of this shirt won me over. Plus, I think it was less than $7!
This dress was originally from Target, but I found it at a thrift store at the outlet mall. The trifecta!
This hat is actually from Walmart of all places! I wasn’t happy about going there but I was happy to find this cute summer hat for $10. Expect to see me in this hat at the beach all summer.
I’ve been stalking these sandals for a couple months now and finally pulled the trigger. I remember that slides were big when I was in middle/high school. I didn’t think I’d like them again, but something about the color blocking of these won me over. They are also crazy comfortable. It’s nice to have a pair of shoes to, well, slide on quickly in the summer.
Last but not least, I had to buy this air freshener for my car. How could you not?? It actually smells like pancakes!

Tell me:
Do you prefer outlet malls or regular malls?

P.S.: In honor of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s birthday today, enjoy this throwback:

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