Easter Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Mine was very nice. My husband had a half day on Friday, so I decided to take the afternoon off as well. We went out to lunch and to see Ready Player One. Having read the book, I have some thoughts, but ultimately I enjoyed it. I’ll recap in an upcoming Couch Life post.

Veggie Bahn Mi Bowl at California Pizza Kitchen

On Saturday, I woke up for my morning workout class, and my mom surprised me with a little Easter basket! It made my day.


After I got home, my husband and I opted to stay in for the day. It was gloomy out and the couch was calling. We ended up watching all of season two of Santa Clarita Diet (whoops). I also made some cauliflower wings and chips in the air fryer–they turned out pretty good! I used this recipe; I think I’d cook for a bit longer next time, but they tasted really good.

Cauliflower wings

I also baked my cake for Easter Sunday. I made Joy the Baker’s Strawberry Upside-Down Cardamom Cake with a few substitutions to make it vegan. I haven’t done a lot of experimentation with baking, so I was really happy with how this turned out! To Joy’s original recipe, I used Miyoko’s Creamery cultured vegan butter and subbed equal parts coconut cream for the sour cream and three tablespoons of aquafaba (the liquid in a can of chickpeas) for the egg.

If I made it again, I’d bake it slightly longer to compensate. It sunk a bit in the middle, so I’m not sure if that was purely due to the substitutions or if it was just a little underdone. To be honest, the middle tasted really good, ha–and no raw eggs to worry about! When serving, I just threw some coconut cream in the middle to hide the sunken center and called it good.

I finally used the cake dish we received at our wedding shower almost four years ago, haha.

On Sunday, I finished making my other dishes (vegan scalloped potatoes and my Tofurkey ham) and we headed over to my sister’s house.

Vegan scalloped potatoes

I have a vintage dress that I love that I never really wear, and I decided it’d be perfect for Easter.

Marcia Brady vibes

I originally bought it to sell, but much to my surprise, it ended up fitting me perfectly. I’ve worn it once for Halloween, but I love it too much to just keep it as a costume! I’m hoping to find more 60/70s mod dresses.

My husband and I… don’t tell him I posted a picture of him on the Internet.

We ate and were entertained by my niece for a couple hours (she’s 16 months and adorable as can be) before heading home.

Easter dinner

Back home, we watched The Magnificent Seven (somehow we hadn’t got around to that one yet). I should say “watched” because I struggled to keep my eyes open… after a big meal, I’m dunzo.

All in all, it was a relaxing and food-centric weekend. Hope yours was great!

Tell me: How was your weekend? Did you eat anything delicious? Play any epic April Fool’s pranks?

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