Saturday Six: Thank You for Being a Friend!

Each weekend, I’ll share six cool finds. Some links may be referral/curator links.

I think I mentioned last week that my husband and I have been rewatching Golden Girls. I’ve seen episodes in the past but never really watched it all the way through. Let me tell you–the show is still funny. It definitely holds up (although some of the references are lost on me, and others are a bit non-PC).

We’ve of course had the conversation around which Golden Girl we’re most like. I wish I were more like a Dorothy or even Sophia, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m a Rose. This Buzzfeed quiz confirms it.

The other day I saw an article about Golden Girls-inspired hot sauces, and that sent me down the rabbit hole of related finds. It was hard to limit to just six, but here they are!

Pack of four Golden Girls hot sauces
The aforementioned hot sauce. Who wouldn’t want to offer someone “Hot Slut”? The full set is on sale now at Always Fits.


Golden Girls Granny Panties
I’ve been obsessing over Harebrained’s Period Panties line for a while but haven’t yet purchased. After I saw these pop up in my email yesterday, I think it’s finally time to pick up a few pairs! Now available at


Thank you for being a friend tote bag
It’s not quite Sophia’s purse, but you still need something to carry with you at all times–why not this tote? From GoodandEvilCreations on Etsy.


dorothy and rose lapel pins
The OGs. Wear your love for the show on your sleeve (chest, back, hat, whatever) with this pin set from Amy Blue Illustration.



Shady Pines Retirement Home key tag
If you can’t yet retire to south Florida, you can at least channel a little bit of those Miami vibes with this Shady Pines Retirement Home key tag from Towne9 on Etsy.


Golden Girls Clue board game
Who ate the last slice of cheesecake!? Have your girls over and figure it out with this Golden Girls-themed Clue set. You can even play as Sophia’s purse! Also available at Always Fits.

I wanted to include some shirts, but there were just too many to choose from. I liked this classic “Stay Golden” tee from Kohls (only $7.99!), but everyone seems to have a Golden Girls-inspired shirt for sale. With just some quick searching, you’re sure to find something to suit your style (WalMart’s is especially ridiculous).

Thanks for reading, and above all, thank you for being a friend!


Tell me:
Which Golden Girl are you? Have any related merch links to share? What’s your favorite nostalgic show?


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